Pamper Day Spa

Mission Statement
At Pamper Day Spa, our mission is simple: provide service excellence in a sanitary environment while maintaining a professional atmosphere at our in home spa.  Our goal is to tailor our services to each client's specific needs.

Our Future Plans 
Our future plans mean expansion!  We wish to duplicate our service excellence and replicate what we've achieved at our in home spa in a retail/service independent day spa.  We want you to think of Pamper Day Spa whether it's a birthday party or a gossip date with the girls while being pampered.  Well, we don't want to ruin the entire surprise just yet - but it's coming soon!

"When you're on the receiving end of a client's anger, imagine that they're venting at the problem, not you personally.  Then, you can mentally shift to partnering with them to resolve the problem." --Marilyn Suttle

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